Baird & Co. is the UK’s largest Gold refinery
with international reputation for integrity and professionalism.
With the ability to forward sell or make advance payments in all major currencies the Company offers a complete service.
Metallic scrap is melted in complex induction furnaces to ensure a homogeneous consistency before sampling and assaying. Individual customer melts of a kilo or two or industrial melts of up to 300 kilos can be accommodated in the melt shop.
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Refining Gold

Using the Miller process for Gold refining, chlorine is introduced into the melt converting base metals to metal chlorides. The scrap Gold is upgraded to over 95% purity and subsequently chemically treated using Aqua Regia to produce fine Gold sand of .9999 purity.

The sand is then melted in special crucibles and poured into de-mineralised water (which reduces the risk of contamination) to produce grain. The grain is dried in ovens and re-assayed.

Refining Silver
Silver is refined using the Balbach Electrorefining process to a very high standard and the technical sophistication of our process plant ensures full recovery of all other metals found in the scrap bullion. Treatment of spent electrolyte for re-use and the recycling of wash water completes the circle of a fully environmentally friendly process.
How pure gold is refined
Est. London 1967
Evaluation and analysis

Preparation and evaluation of low-grade materials such as sweeps or used crucibles are carried out under strictly supervised conditions to fully account for precious metals contained. This guarantees the maximum return of value for clients who are always invited to obtain an independent assessment of precious metals contained in their low grade material thus removing the possibility of doubt that is often expressed when evaluations are presented for this type of material.

In house analytical facilities include ICP-OES and XRF which, together with cupellation/fire assay and titration, provide full metallurgical analysis of clients’ precious metal samples as well as quality control for the Company's many products.

As a technically innovative company Baird & Co. has developed many systems in-house ensuring environmentally friendly processes and maximum efficiency.
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