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At Baird & Co., we’re not just passionate about gold; we’re dedicated to sharing our knowledge and expertise with you. From insightful articles on the history and future of gold investment to behind-the-scenes looks at our production processes, our blog is your go-to source for all things gold.
Why Buying VAT-Free Secondhand Silver Makes SenseWhy Buying VAT-Free Secondhand Silver Makes Sense
With the economy's volatility, more and more investors are turning to tangible assets to diversify their portfolios and safeguard their wealth. Silver, often overshadowed by its more glamorous counterpart, gold, offers a unique investment opportunity, especially when purchased secondhand and VAT-free. Let’s discuss why it makes sense to buy silver bars that are secondhand and therefore exempt from VAT.
How to Avoid CGT and Invest in Gold and SilverHow to Avoid CGT and Invest in Gold and Silver
Capital Gains Tax (CGT) can take a significant bite out of your investment returns, particularly when it comes to valuable assets like gold and silver. However, there are strategies to mitigate this expense, allowing you to maximise your investment potential. In this blog, we'll explore how to strategically invest in CGT Free Gold and Silver, ensuring that your investments grow more efficiently by minimising tax liabilities.
How to Buy Gold, Silver, and Other Precious Metals OnlineHow to Buy Gold, Silver, and Other Precious Metals Online
In the digital age, purchasing precious metals like gold and silver has never been more accessible. With a few clicks, you can securely buy valuable assets from the comfort of your home. Gold and silver have increasingly become popular forms of investment as they are considered safe havens during economic and geo-political uncertainty. Investing in these metals can diversify your portfolio and protect against inflation.
How Easy Is It to Buy Gold OnlineHow Easy Is It to Buy Gold Online
In an era where convenience is king, the ability to buy gold online has transformed how investors and collectors engage with this precious metal. Whether it's for investment purposes, to hedge against inflation, or simply to own a piece of timeless beauty, the allure of gold remains undiminished. But how easy is it to buy gold online? Let’s explore this in detail.
How to Store Your Gold BullionHow to Store Your Gold Bullion
One could argue that the most important step isn’t purchasing your gold bullion but what comes after the purchase—what now? Where do I store it to keep it safe? Acquiring gold bullion is only half the journey; the next critical step is ensuring its safekeeping. 
How to Buy Gold and Gold Bullion in the UKHow to Buy Gold and Gold Bullion in the UK
The physical beauty and perceived value of gold have made it a sought-after asset for millennia. Today, buying gold in the UK remains as relevant as ever for investors seeking a tangible safeguard against inflation and currency fluctuations. While the process might seem complex, especially for those new to the market, it’s important to approach it with the right information and understanding.
Why Gold is a Safe InvestmentWhy Gold is a Safe Investment
Few assets have stood the test of time quite like gold. A symbol of wealth and prosperity for centuries, gold continues to be a cornerstone of savvy investors' portfolios. But what exactly makes gold investment such an attractive and safe choice, especially in our current economic climate? Let's explore the enduring appeal of gold investment and why it remains prudent for those looking to preserve and grow their wealth.
What are the Benefits of Investing in Gold and CryptocurrenciesWhat are the Benefits of Investing in Gold and Cryptocurrencies
In recent years, the spectrum of investment opportunities has broadened exponentially, offering traditional and modern avenues for growing wealth. Gold and cryptocurrency (crypto) are two distinct yet equally compelling options. With its millennia-long history as a safe investment, gold is very different from the new and digital world of cryptocurrency. Understanding the unique benefits each brings to a diversified portfolio is crucial in navigating modern investing, where balancing risk and reward is more critical than ever.
Diversifying Your Investment Portfolio with Gold, Silver, and PlatinumDiversifying Your Investment Portfolio with Gold, Silver, and Platinum
When it comes to investing, we all know the important rule of thumb: don’t put all your eggs in one basket. A diverse portfolio allows you to mitigate risk and maximise potential returns by spreading your investments across different asset classes. To build a resilient and dynamic portfolio, precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum are a great way to diversify your portfolio in stability and security. Let’s dive into how these assets can fortify and enrich your investment portfolio, ensuring it flourishes through the ups and downs of global markets.
Gold Prices Forecast to Rise 6% in the Next 12 MonthsGold Prices Forecast to Rise 6% in the Next 12 Months
In a time when financial markets are as volatile as ever, investors are continuously looking for stable and profitable avenues for their capital. Amidst this search, gold investment emerges as a shining beacon of security and potential growth. According to a recent analysis by Goldman Sachs Research, gold prices are projected to see a significant upturn, forecasting a 6% increase over the next 12 months to $2,175 a troy ounce. This optimistic outlook is rooted in several key factors that underscore the enduring allure of gold as an investment.
How Easy Is It To Invest In GoldHow Easy Is It To Invest In Gold
Gold has captivated humanity for centuries, not just as a symbol of wealth and power but also as a cornerstone of many investment portfolios. The allure of gold, with its enduring value and stability, has made the quest to invest in gold a topic of interest for seasoned and novice investors alike. But how easy is it to invest in gold?
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